New season, new material!

Garden bed

This is our demonstration garden bed at the Whole Earth Center - showing off our new white oak boards.

The puzzle and wonderment of our mild winter is giving way, among the gardeners I know, to sheer excitement about the imminent growing season. That means: Bountiful Boxes is opening for business!

This year, I’m excited to introduce a new material for the garden beds. I’ve found a source of locally and sustainably harvested white oak. White oak is a very dense, rot-resistant, insect resistant wood. We’ve gotten great life out of the cedar and fir beds we’ve sold in past years, but I’m expecting even greater longevity from this oak. The boards are still 1-inch thick, but they’re “rough cut” which means they literally have a somewhat rough appearance that I think looks quite nice in the garden. Also it is a lot less wasteful than planing fatter lumber down to a finish-quality board.

Want to see it?! Stop by the Whole Earth Center in Princeton and see our demonstration bed. We’ll soon be planting it with sugar snap peas, pushing ahead of the traditional March 17 planting date.

Also new: We’re now set up to take orders right here on this website. We’ll still have order forms over at Whole Earth Center, but the simplest way is to click the Buy Now button at the right or send me an email.

Happy spring!


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