Peas planted!

First pea planting 2012Master gardener and educator Dorothy Mullen wanted to know the moment I was finished setting up the  bed at Whole Earth Center so she could get started putting in seeds – given all the queues of an early spring, a gardener can hold on only so long. Well, here’s a note from Dorothy about her first planting:

I planted edible pod peas.  In New Jersey we usually say to plant peas around St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s been so warm I did it a little ahead of time.  Peas are a cold weather crop and should not be planted well into April, although you can do a second planting in the fall.  What’s nice abouat these peas is that the whole plant is edible.  The tender leaves can be harvested and eaten in salad or stir fries.

Next up: a row of climbing peas by the trellis.

Dorothy will be contributing gardening tips throughout the season, so pull out your trowel and stayed tuned.


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4 Responses to Peas planted!

  1. Stephanie Ives says:

    I’m really excited about the raised bed. We picked up the kit from Steve on Sat. and my husband and I assembled it Sun. Now I’m deciding on the soil to use. We have a lot of leaf mulch and compost we have been saving for couple of years. Now is our big chance to use it. I’m green (meaning novice) at this so any advice on a soil recipe let me know. Thanks.

    • Steven says:

      Thanks, Stephanie! I’m glad the kit went together easily and am eager to hear how the inaugural season goes. Stay tuned for a post about soil.

  2. Stephanie Ives says:

    Have been enjoying the mesclun mix. Am thinking about what to plant there next. Thinking maybe spinach might be good for summer salad. Your thoughts? Radishes are coming also, really tasty. Snap peas have lovely green growth but no signs of pods.

    • Steven says:

      Great! Thank you for sending in a garden update. My personal favorite to put in now in anticipation of the height of summer is green beans – crisp stringless bush beans are like candy to me. Now also is a good time to put in tomatoes if you’re buying presarted seedlings. Pinch off the bottom couple leaves and bury the stem deep. Collards, Swiss chard and kale are other favorites at my house. Collards and kale will take you late through the fall and may even over-winter. Happy harvesting!

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