Tasting at Whole Earth Center

Alex Levine, chef at Princeton's Whole Earth Center, harvests collard greens from the Bountiful Boxes demonstration bed in preparation for serving them today.

Alex Levine, chef at the Whole Earth Center, will be serving up arugula salad and collards from the Bountiful Boxes demonstration bed today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Come and get it!

In fact, a general note on produce from the garden: please taste some as you walk by, especially if you have children with you. The peas are starting to come along and make a delicious snack. Just two rules: please pick carefully, using two hands to pick a pea so that you don’t tear the vine; and leave some for others.

I recently added a “super sweet 100” tomato plant — those will be delicious on-the-go snacks too later in the summer.


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