Replacement Parts

One of the nice things about our design is that individual pieces can be removed and replaced. Here is a limited warranty and replacement part policy:

If you purchased a bed from Bountiful Boxes in the previous three years (in 2016, that’s 2013, 2014 or 2015) and have found a part not holding up well, please let me know and we will give you a replacement part at no charge. If your bed is older than that, Bountiful Boxes offers replacement pieces for the lifetime of your bed at a reduced price.

The current charge is $18 for 8′ pieces and $9 for 4′ pieces. Replacement 11″ corner posts are $5 each. New Jersey 7% sales tax is additional for all pieces.

In addition, we sometimes have pieces we consider to be second-quality because of cracking, warping or other damage. I am happy to give away these pieces to past customers at no charge.

Unfortunately I cannot offer to deliver the pieces nor to perform the repair myself.

To inquire about any of these options, please email me at

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