Gardening time coming soon!

Bounty from 2012

Asian cucumbers, regular cukes, green beans and tomatoes! (From my 2012 garden.)

The traditional day to plant your peas, March 15 – St. Patrick’s Day – is just two weeks away! I am eager to dig into my own garden and am getting ready to build raised garden bed kits for yours. This year, following inquiries from some customers, I will re-introduce cedar beds, along with the white oak I introduced last year. Both are terrific materials. Please email me if you have questions.

As I wait for the ground to thaw, I’ve been looking at some photos from last year’s harvest and am posting a few favorites here. Please email me with your own photos. With your permission, I’ll add them to the Flickr page I created.

Bounty and bed. This shows a corner of a bed I made about six years ago. It’s made from 1×6 cedar, which is thinner than the 5/4 stock I now sell, and it’s holding up very nicely.


Beans and tomatoes

Beans and tomatoes from 2012.

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