Check out the deluxe demonstration bed at Whole Earth

Garden bed at Whole Earth

The new garden bed at the Whole Earth Center offers a fresh start of rich black soil.

The oak bed that had produced many beautiful vegetables at Whole Earth Center since 2012 was still in solid shape but I decided to spruce up the demonstration bed over there by installing a tall, capped version of our popular cedar bed.

The bed is one board higher than our standard bed and has a picture-frame cap around the top. This raises the bed to the height of a standard chair and creates a nice surface on which to sit.

What would you like us to plant in it? Or better yet, what would you plant, if you had your own blank slate of rich black soil like this?

Here’s a rule of thumb: First, grow your own. Then, if there’s something you still need, buy it at the Whole Earth Center.

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